Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who's that skinny girl in the mirror?

So, a little less water today. And now, I am sitting here dying of thirst. I started the day with a Trim Spa pill that was recommended by a friend. It was okay. I didn't really get the point. For breakfast I had an orange and a bottle of water. A little while later for a snack I had a banana with a little peanut butter. Lunch was a Subway sandwich, which I went online and calculated to be at approximately 380 calories. Woot! During my 3rd bottle of water for the day I added a little packet of Crystal Lite, fruit punch flavor. It was nummie.

Right after lunch I went for another 40 minute walk down to the beach. I picked a cute seashell this time instead of a rock for my collection. Some time during the morning at work a huge stress ball hit me, and I was dying to go to the snack cabinet and get a piece of chocolate, but somehow I managed to resist. Sweet! I made it through without any chocoloatey goodness.

When I got home, for dinner I had another orange and also a bowl of chicken noodle soup (from a can) and a few saltine crackers. Nothing to drink. While I ate and waited for my daughter to come back from her dad's house, I watched Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. She came home right as Maid Marion was laving Robin's secret hideaway in Sherwood forest.

After I wrestled her through a shower, the combing and drying of her hair and the brushing of her teeth and began to brush my own teeth, I noticed in the mirror that my face was a tee bit thinner than yesterday. Even since this morning it seemed. That or I had really good lighting going on. My face is usually the first thing about me to get skinny. Which is good. Any pictures from the shoulders up make it seem like I've made oodles of progress.

This was a boring entry, I know. I promise....it will get more exciting. If you know me, hardly a week passes without something funny or dramatic to talk about. But for now, I'm off to bed with my daughter. Gotta catch up on Little Bear and Max & Ruby.

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