Monday, January 25, 2016

Sorry Not Sorry

It’s Monday, so I feel like ranting. I realize that this is going to piss off almost every single person I've met in Texas, but today I don't give a damn. Hence the name of this entry. In a discussion with my British pen pal today, his first question of the day was this:  "Do the men stand there chewing and spitting it out in a bucket or is that just in the films?" I told him about spit cups and how it's nasty and gross and I'm still not used to seeing it everywhere because it's not as common in California. To which he replied “What is it they chew, is it beef jerky?” Apparently they don’t dip in England, either. So in further discussing chewing tobacco with him, I looked up this picture to send him. 

I would like to make one thing clear; I will NEVER kiss the mouth that houses this nasty shit. Ever. Besides the ungentlemanly behavior of constantly spitting and talking with your mouth full, this is willfully putting a giant cancer ball in your mouth. Cancer is the last thing on this planet that you want or that your family wants for you; and I speak from experience.

I’m not even going to throw statistics at you. You all know them. Everyone knows them. I did, however, look up “Health Benefits of Chewing Tobacco” just to be fair and guess what…there are none. So there’s one for ya. What is the point of this rant then? (Do rants ever have a point?) Not a damn thing other than