Monday, January 17, 2011

If I drink any more water, I'll float away!

Today I was able to achieve a few goals. I ate less. I drank a ton of water. And I even got to go for a walk before lunch. I was happily surprised that it was a 40 minute walk. I thought it had only been 20. I walked with a friend down to the beach, which luckily is only about 3 blocks away from our office. The fresh air was nice. I got to put my feet in the ocean water, which I love. I also got to add another visual motivator. I've decided that every time I walk to the beach, I'll bring back a small rock and put it in a jar. Just something to show me that I am working towards my goal. I am doing it.

I wrote down everything I ate today. A Cliff Bar for breakfast, a banana with peanut butter for lunch. (How much peanut butter?? Not tellin'. Let's leave it at it was more than a teaspoon, but less than a cup. lol) Then I had another banana later for a snack. That got me to about 4pm and I started to get super hungry. So I reluctantly ate a left over Banquet meal I had in the office freezer. It was 440 calories. But, in the end I figured it was better than the usual bag of Cheetos, 5-7 Cokes, 3 or 4 fun-sized candy bars and handful of Red Vines that I usually snack on during the day. Every little step helps. Baby steps are better than none. I did break down and have a Diet Dr Pepper with the microwave meal. I remembered that during my Jenny Craig time, I stayed alive because of fat free Ranch, Fat Free Croutons and Diet Dr Pepper. The DDP was a "free" food, the fat free croutons and salad dressing were my own "sneaky addition", but it never hurt my weight loss. Since this thing I am starting was a spur of the moment, and begun during a low money pay period, I am a tad bit unprepared to eat proper diety food. So, I made due with what I could. Thankfully our office provides us with fresh fruit each week and also things like oatmeal.

When I left the house this morning, my grandmother was in the kitchen cooking all sorts of greasy goodness that smelled up the entire house. But I managed to walk out the door with no regrets, thinking that I would eat a package of oatmeal once I got to work. Alas, when I got to work we only had the super gross flavors left. So I waited until about 10 am and then ate a Cliff Bar. (240 cal.) Then at 10:50 I left for my forty minute walk and returned to eat a banana with peanut butter. About 2 hours later, feeling hunger creep in, I ate another banana. Then, like I said, at 4pm I had the microwave thing (440 cal.) Oh, and there was a Blow Pop in there somewhere (60 cal.)

When I got home tonight I had what had been cooked for dinner. A tortilla with a few strips of carne asada and some mexican rice. But only one. I would normally have eaten two and added sour cream. Then I had some salad with thousand island dressing. (Sadly, we did not have fat free) And I followed it up with a jello cup (which was a free food on Jenny Craig) I didn't have anything to drink. I can't even think of drinking any more water today. I had 6 bottles of it today, and I must have drank them either too quickly or too close together, because I got a killer headache towards the end of the day and couldn't bare the thought of any more water.

So there you have it. Day one: Not a disaster. And that's good.

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