Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Sh*t List

I need to get the following shit in order

1. My Weight
2. My Career
3. My Creativity & Organization
4. My Room
5. My Future Goals
6. My Skin
7. My Finances
8. My Writing

These things need to be in order before I meet the man of my dreams. Or even the man of my fleeting thoughts. But especially before my daughter is old enough to realize what a hot mess I am.

WEIGHT - Same as always. I need to shed a bazillion pounds and tone my body as best I can, although some areas can only be helped by surgical alterations. Right now I could have a flap fight with Adam Sandler's "Click" character. I was working on this most fiercely, but my stinking feet are sabotaging me. I'm praying to God that they both heal (or "heel". lol) 100% soon so that I can get back on the damn "hot bod" horse.

CAREER - Pick one. Pick something. Pick! I am not even sure if I am the kind of person who can pick a "forever" job. But if not, I need to come to grips with that fact and be happy about it. I need to pick something permanent or work on becoming happy and content in just working "whatever" as long as the bills are paid. I'm one of those flighty artistically minded individuals. (More of a starving artist, but who isn't) My "happy place" would be finding something that would allow me to make money while being creative. Which leads into my next item on the list...

CREATIVITY & ORGANIZATION - I used to have such a wonderfully creative mind. Even if I didn't share it with everyone, it was there. I was so motivated by life itself. Everything I encountered inspired something inside of me. It's been a good long time, 7 years at least, since I've been able to feel that. Or to organize my thoughts enough to complete a single creative task. For me, it's close to hell on earth.

ROOM - I need to unpack, organize, decorate, personalize, and maintain order.

FUTURE GOALS - What I ultimately want is to be happily married, and have more children. And the frickin clock is ticking. Because I don't want to date until my personal life is in order, and this mess may take a while.

SKIN & HAIR - This is one I actually enjoy working on. It's interesting, it can be cheap, and as you've seen from previous blogs, it can be lots of messy fun. I'm still on the lookout for a great cleansing routine that gives me a healthy glow. My hair, I have absolutely no idea what to do with. When I was in the 6th grade I got a perm. Well she must have permed me with super glue because it never went back. And it's fine, but I wish I knew more things to do with it.

FINANCES - *crickets*

WRITING - Okay, so I've had this idea for a story for nine months or so that I play with in my head and on my phone a lot. I really want to get my thoughts sorted about it enough to start really writing it. I love the general idea, but I have no idea how to "really" write. Or even what to do once I get it all written down. This is something I actively think and work on every once in a while. It makes me happy to think about it. But it needs a LOT of work.


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  1. Take it one step at a time. I use the app "myfitnesspal" and I have lost 22 pounds since March. I'm losing the wieght slowly, but it's coming off. I count my calories and walk everyday. I know you can't walk much because of your foot, but if you count your calories based on what the app gives you, you will still lose weight. I tried all the crash diets and such, and they only work temporaily. I like my food and want to eat what I want, so calorie counting works for me. Good luck with everything.