Sunday, August 5, 2012

Adventures In DIY - Making a Fairy Room

I can't seem to stop keeping my hands busy lately. This time I attacked my daughters room. We were playing with her little toys one day and we pulled out all her little Disney Fairy dolls. These are all about 5 inches long. I think we got them from Target. I started to think of how cool it would look to have them flying all over her room.

Today I finally put my thoughts into action. For this project, I spent $2.97 to buy some glittered star shaped stickers from Walmart. Everything else I already had. So, this project was cheap.

The size of the Disney Fairies.

Fishing line to attach them to the ceiling.

These were $2.97 at Walmart
In addition to the Fairies flying around the room, I wanted some stars dangling down. So I got these foam glitter stickers at Walmart. I peeled the back off one, lay some fishing line down across it (careful to keep the long end of the string coming right off a star point so that it hangs correctly), then add another star sticker to seal the fishing line inside. This kept the line in place and allowed both side of the star to shimmer and shine.

I would position my fingers in all the star grooves when lowering the second star down in order to help them line up evenly with no overhang. If overhang occurs, you can just trim it off.

Both sides now closed over the fishing line 
Clip off any additional fishing line hanging out the bottom. 

If you kept the long end towards a point of the star, it should hang like this.

Now for the fairies. I turned them over and just played with the fishing line until I got it in a position around the wings that would allow the fairy to hang like it was flying, and not like it was free falling. This fishing line tied really easily and did not slip at all. 

Tinker Bell prepped and ready for flight.

All the stars in the pack have been sealed onto fishing line.

 Now comes the hard part. Figuring out how to attach them to the ceiling. I didn't want to use push pins or thumb tacks because they would show too much. I knew scotch tape would work fine for the stars because they are light as feathers. But the fairies would definitely need something with a better hold. I got the idea to try and superglue the line to the ceiling. I put on some surgical gloves because if ANYONE is going to accidentally glue themselves to something as stupid as a's going to be me. After several failed attempts to glue the fishing line directly to the ceiling, I decided to give it the assistance of the scotch tape. Here are the pictures of what I did.

Place the fishing line over the tape

Add a dab of super glue to the tape where the line rests on it. Can you see it?

 And that's it. I then held the tape up to the ceiling with my gloved hand for a second or two and that was it. It held perfectly. My original idea was to wait until the glue dried all the way and then go back and remove the tape. But I'm not sure that the glue will hold just the fishing line up, and you can't see the tape anyway, so I'm leaving well enough alone and keeping it as is. I also added some glow in the dark stickers to the ceiling and the walls.

So here are a couple picture of the finished project. All together there are eight fairies and 22 dangle stars.

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