Friday, August 3, 2012

Adventures In Beauty - Motivation Needed?

I have seen enough episodes of Crazy Coupon Lady on Youtube, heard enough of my friends talk about it, and witnessed my mothers shopping style to know that Walgreens has got the hookup. I even read a blog the other day about how you should shop for makeup at places like Walgreens and CVS because they have rewards systems. And who couldn't use a reward?

I went in today "just to see" if there was anything good, and saw that all Rimmel, Revlon and Neutrogena products were BOGO 50% off. (for future reference for anyone who doesn't know, that's Buy One Get One 50% off). My mother happened to be with me (my mother is always with me. haha) with her handy dandy coupon book. When I started looking at products, she starts whipping things out and piling them into my hands. "I've got a coupon for Revlon. I've got two $1 off's for this. Here! I've got a $2 off one for that. Do you need mascara? I have 4 coupons for mascaras." My mother is my #1 enabler. That's where I get it from. If I see a friend struggling with desire for something, I am usually the one who can push them over the edge of "You should get it, cuz you're gonna need it eventually." On occasion though, when I can see them going nuts with things I know they don't really need or even really want, I will do my best to make them stop and think before the buyers remorse can happen. I'm good to have around. I'll try and read you.

So, today I lost my mind. There was no one to hold me back. Even my daughter was throwing things into the cart. Seeing as how my new job doesn't even start for 3 weeks, it was totally irresponsible of me. But today I didn't care. I decided to let it happen. I will not allow buyers remorse to hinder me. I haven't bought anything nice for myself in a while. And it really is time to start focusing on taking care of myself. I saw this episode of What Not To Wear the other day, and after the big make over they spoke a sentence that really struck a cord with me. Stacy said to the woman "You look like a woman who respects herself and takes care of herself." That honestly stopped me in my tracks and made me think. Because it's absolutely true. Women should respect themselves and take care of themselves. And it should show. I know we're all guilty of letting things go, especially those of us with children. They come first. Absolutely. No question. I had been saving up money all summer while working at my crappy job to get my daughter all the things she needed for school. And I did. Just a few weeks ago I bought all the supplies on her list and a ton of clothes for back to school. And she's well loved all day and night. There is food in the house, gas in the car and the bills are paid. I had some money left over to play with until my new job, so dammit, I bought myself some makeup. I'm taking the responsibility to own up and say that I let myself go. In fact, I'm not sure I ever had myself ALL together to begin with. I never have had a beauty regime. I am clean and showered and brushed all the time. I am not dirty, but I never knew how to manage my skin very well. It doesn't get all the attention it needs in order to last me a lifetime. Up until recently I didn't pay much mind to my nails. When I was younger I would frequently go and get pedicures and full sets of acrylics. But I haven't had the time nor the money for that in a long time. Hence the at home nail polish frenzy that has been happening recently. But even now, I don't know much about cuticles and all that. So it is time for a rebirth. I am researching how to do everything at home that I should have been doing for a long time. Facials. Pedicures. Manicures. Makeup. Next step will be diet and exercise. I will, as always, be bringing it all to you. You can go back and see some of the DIY facials and armpit treatments I have been trying out. (Who know that armpits required care outside of regular washing, shaving and deodorant?)

Hereby it is my solemn vow to start taking better care of all the parts of my body and mind and to help you all to do the same. Stick with me, because this is gonna be fun. I promise.


  1. how much did you save? do you get double coupons out there?

  2. The savings and products are coming up in the next blog. I believe we get double coupons?? It depends on where? Honestly, my mother could answer that question better for you. Ha ha. MOM!?

  3. We can get double coupons with a store coupon and a manufacturers coupon... otherwise, there are a very few grocery stores that will double manufactures coupons.

  4. See...I just got lost. That's why she's always with me.