Monday, April 23, 2012

My House Is Having a Case of the Mondays

One of the many projects we've got on our "honey do" around the house has been to slap a new coat of paint on the outside. Inside the house, my room and my daughters room have already been freshly painted in a matter suiting our individual personalities. My daughters room is pink with glitter all over the walls. My room is an aqua blue...also with glitter on the walls.

Yesterday my dad and I got to work on the outside. Considering that we started late in the day, we got a good amount done. The whole front of the house plus the trim in the front of the house. Trouble began right as my dad was finishing the last square foot of paint. He was high up on the ladder when suddenly he lost his balance and it started to shake. I ran over to him and helped him down. Once on the ground, the ladder shifted itself again until it moved over and touched some previously unnoticed live wire. A huge white ball of fire and sparks erupted before us. We scattered. I was screaming obscenities while mindlessly swatting about my head and flailing my arms everywhere.

After the flames settled, we decided to finish up for the night and get an early start in the morning so that we might be able to finish the next day.


This morning as we finished up breakfast and walked outside to get started, we were met by the meter reader. I told him about what had happened the night before and he said we needed to call the electric company immediately. Mom made the call as dad and I set up the paint. When the guy from the electric company came out, he took one look at the wire and said "Oh yeah. I gotta shut this off. I can't leave it like this. Your house could burn down. You'll have to call an electrician out here to come set up some new wire and replace the meter. Whenever he's finished doing whatever it is he's gonna do, just call us and we'll come back out to turn your power back on." Considering that we had been using a paint gun to get our job done, this was disappointing news. Now I didn't hear all of the conversations between the electrician and the electric company, so I can't describe what took place very well. But 9 hours and about $$$$ later, the power was back on.

During the day we had a visit from my great aunt and uncle. They came over to lend some help, and a ride on mower, to get the grass cut. Since we had no power, we cooked outside for the first time on the bbq pit. Fajitas and Mexican rice. I was very glad they were here today. I love them dearly and I always enjoy their company. That was at least a bright spot in the day.

Tomorrow my dad and I will tackle the house again. This Saturday we are hosting a birthday party for my daughter. We're expecting about ninety million people to attend. So we would love to get the house paint finished before then. As the day was nearing an end and everything was back to normal I got a bit of news. The septic tank is full.
Friggin' Monday.

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