Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Did a double take when I was washing my face tonight. Looked in the mirror and almost didn't recognize myself.  It's been 2 days of Weight Watchers and I noticed my face a few ounces thinner. LOL!! I'm being serious. I have a great eye for kooky details like that. (not so much when it comes to spotting type-o's though) I notice every time a male co-worker gets a hair cut or takes his sideburns up a 1/4 inch.  So I noticed my face a bit skinnier tonight. My face is always the first thing to show weight loss. So this is a minor win for tonight. It's the little things that can keep you going. My first BIG win will be when someone (who doesn't read this) says to me "Have you lost weight?" UH! I'll be dancing on the ceiling when that happens.

The next two days are going to be stressed packed for me. My daughters 4th birthday party is this Saturday and I am terrified that I wont get everything done in time. Decorations, food, snacks, dessert table, goodie bags, activities, music, balloons....good Lord, have mercy and give me swift feet, steady hands and nerves of steel.

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