Monday, February 21, 2011

There Is No Cure for Hope

So not much to report. Well actually, I have a ton to report BUT...I am not at liberty to speak of it yet. grrrrr. It's frustrating I know. So, since I can't blog about health stuff, I'll blog on "other".

Today I had a photo shoot with my daughter, mother and grandmother. The 4 generation photo shoot we've been talking about since we found out I was having a girl. It was funny how random it turned out. None of us wore matching outfits. It was kind of last minute. My daughter actually wore a Wizard of Oz style Dorothy dress. We took some of just her in that costume because my grandmother had just made it for her so last week when we went to see The Wizard of Oz in San Diego. I'm excited to see how the pictures come out.

I've been a little down lately regarding my health and my dating status, both of which are stagnant at best. But ever the optimist, I am always filled with hope. Even though sometimes hope can get pushed way down in deep corners where it is hard to find and sometimes hard to detect, I believe it is always there. In everyone. So I guess that will be my motivational theme this week for you all. Even I, 90+ pounds over weight and single for quite some time with no sign of a worthwhile prospect on the horizon, can have hope. Hope drives me like a stolen car. Hope keeps me moving and getting out of bed every morning. Hope keeps me smiling and joking and living. Hope is in each of us. The best part of hope is that it is resilient. Like herpes. Even though sometimes you may think it is gone and you haven't heard from it in a while, it can flare up inside of you when you least expect it.

Yes. Hope is like herpes.

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  1. Thanks for this post. Was something I needed to hear.